Expansion of Free Preschool Year

In October 2015 an announcement by the Department of Children & Youth affairs (DCYA) was made about expanding the free preschool year or Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) programme.

Unfortunately this has been commonly reported as a second free preschool year. This is not the case. The ECCE scheme has been expanded. So what does that mean?

From September 2016 children can start the ECCE scheme when they are three and stay on it until they start primary school, as long as they are no older than 5 ½ at the end of the preschool year – which is in June. Because a child can’t start before they are three, you can enrol your child in September, January and April depending on their birthday. Here is a simplified chart:

Birth Month Enrolment Month
January – March April
April – August September
September – December January

Please note the following:
Enrolling your child at a preschool in September, January or April is dependent on there being space available. A childcare service is not required to keep spaces available for the January or April intakes. Also remember that if you choose to only send your child to preschool 3 days per week, the service may not have the space to offer you the other 2 days if you decide to send your child more frequently later in the year.

If you wish to check when your child is eligible to start the ECCE scheme, please contact us on 022-49848 or liscarrollcommunitycreche@gmail.com

We currently have a very limited number of ECCE spaces available for this September.

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